Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yogyakarta birds don't have bird flu. they have e-coli bacteria

.. thats what they have...

Free State Provincial Bird Flu DIY

Friday, December 21, 2012, 7:48 pm
 - Yogyakarta Provincial Government declared the area as an area free of bird flu. Because, after receiving the news of the virus positive patients, evacuation immediate vaccination of poultry and intensifiedChief Production Section, Division of Livestock, Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Yogyakarta Province, Sunartono said it still contains information of the poultry farmers who reported the sudden death of the animal . However, based on research, the event was not caused by the bird flu virus, but the e-coli bacteria."But we immediately anticipate by giving the vaccine to other birds, for prevention of transmission of the H5N1 virus," he told Reuters recently. Sunartono states, DIY to the bird flu problem has been handledBecause of that, he also urged farmers awareness to anticipate the possibility of such abuses. He said the bird flu vaccine can be obtained for free at the Clinic nearby. That way, if there are breeders who are not receiving assistance from the government vaccine, can directly ask the clerk at that location. "We are preparing quite a lot, there are thousands of vaccines, I think enough to withstand the surge in the spread of the virus," said Sunartono. Head Health, Sleman regency, Meflindati Nuraini said, the need to obtain a special anticipation is that cattle are not grounded because it feared the virus emerged from outside the neighborhood birds.